What We Do

Zolend UK has been founded as a sister company of Zolend Ltd., Hungary to increase our presence in the UK near our customers. Our team has 15 years of experience within the industry we are working in. Our aim is to deliver projects on time with high quality and at a competitive rate. We are located near our existing customers and to serve their requirements, we can act very quickly from our head office in the West Midlands Area.
We can offer bespoke solutions of design, engineering, manufacturing, and site installation of any kind of structures. 
Our head office is placed in Rugeley in the West Midlands area.
Our site can be found in Debrecen, Hungary. The workshop hall is over 2000 m2, with a ten-ton crane capacity. We have 70 operatives working in the workshop continuously, most of whom have 20 years of experience in steel fabrication, including welders, pipe fitters, metal workers, machine operators, painters, and electrical fitter. There is a group of ten engineers to support all the engineering activities, from quotation to site supervision. We can offer full English speaking supervision, and operatives with 20 years of experience in site installation all over Europe. Although most of our employees are Hungarian, we have proven experience working in the UK, at several car manufacturers’ sites (Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Ford). Our engineering services cover mainly the machine industry, oil industry, and chemical industry. We also have experience in the agricultural industry, as tier 1 supplier of the industry.

We offer the following services:

  • Guidance, expertise (project preparation, design)
  • Design (chemical;-machine;-oil industry, steel structure, pressure and hazardous material containers, appliances)
  • Preparation of technical drawings (2D and 3D assemblies, factory drawings, detail drawings)
  • Machine improvement (chemical appliances, improvement of meriton, other kinds of equipment, research and development)
  • Machine renewal
We offer a full range of manufacturing with our partners, including automation and control technologies. We would like to serve our customers with a whole problem solving service for any kind of projects, where our customers do not need to take care of any part of the project, just receive the successfully working equipment.
  • Machine products (special, unique, prototype, short; -middle series production)
  • Producing devices and equipment (grippers, centering devices, containers, filters, filter housings, separators, carrier devices,
     mixing devices, mixing stations etc.)
  • Manufacture of steel structures (small;-middle;- unique structures, holders, railings)
  • Manufacture of devices, equipment, containers, further modification or renewal of these goods
  • Production of machine elements and components (for export, too)
  • Cutting (turning, milling, drilling, grinding)
  • Plate machining (cutting, bending, laser and plasma cutting)




Concerning workmanship, we can fulfil projects at field of work with our own team. We make all-inclusive services from design to installation.

  • Machine installation
  • Installation
  • General workmanship
  • Lending human resources

We started with fabricating spare parts of filtration units, as a supplier in the automotive industry. Today, with our partners, we can provide a full range of services.

Products where we have proven experience:

  • vacuum filters,
  • pressure filters, 
  • gravity filters,
  • pre-coat filters,
  • back flush filters,
  • cartridge filters,
  • resin traps,
  • lime milk strainers,
  • return pump stations,
  • high pressure pump stations,
  • holding tanks, (clean tanks, dirt tanks, pre-coat tanks)
  • pipe work (system and main line pipes)
  • steel structures
  • etc.

Food industry technology

Zolend Ltd. has a lot of experience in technical design and production (pharmaceutical industry and food industry), and our technical partner’s strength is the up-to-date expertise of food industry technologies and the development of innovative products. Our co-operation has made it possible to create a product range (portfolio) that enables us to be present, uniquely, in the domestic and the international food industry markets with our complex services. During the co-operation of Zolend Ltd. and its technical partner, we have developed a vacuum drying technology and implemented a pilot plant whey concentration unit so far. We are constantly working on reaching a top quality standard and maintaining it. That must be, in our view, one of the most important targets for us.

Our technologies:

  • Vacuum drying equipment


  • Membrane technology



The technical partners of  Zolend Ltd. are the Biotechnological Incubator House of Debrecen University and Technovation Ltd. The great advantage of this consortium is the coexistence of biotechnological experience, test capacity and technical capacities. 

Our co-operation has made it possible to create a product range (portfolio) that enables us to be present, uniquely, in the domestic and the international food industry markets with our complex services. 
The sizing and designing of the technical devices used in biotechnology, the equipment being occasionally aseptic or ’biosafe’, its automation, special solutions and quality demands require high level expertise and care. 
Zolend Ltd., with its experience, and fully taking the purchaser’s needs into consideration, unburdens your company from the first phase of design to the successful installation and the documentation of all that (according to the requirements of GMP). Also, we support your company’s innovation efforts in a full scale.


Examples for the scope of biotechnology:

  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Forage industry
  • Environmental protection


Environmental protection technologies

Zolend Ltd. is committed to the research and development of environmental protection technologies. Our strategic partner in research and development is the Hungarian Academy of Science Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry. We design and implement complete environmental protection technologies and develop customised ones according to our partners’ technologies. The main areas are the following:

  • Cleaning soil polluted by carbohydrogen with desorption technology
  • Cleaning exhaust gas and extracted air issued in industrial processes with a catalytic air purifying technology


  • Optimisation of catalyst dispersion tank arrangement, expert opinion  engineering service
  • Producing air filter systems
plant production
  • Making basic plans of pyrolysis plant
engineering service
  • Designing slag briquetting press
engineering service
  • Producing catalytic reactors 
plant production
  • Fabricating absorber tanks
plant production
  • Making heat exchanger units 
plant production